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Everbearer Strawberries - 10 plants

Everbearer Strawberries - 10 plants

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Enjoy a bounty of sweet, juicy strawberries right from your own garden with our everbearing strawberry plants. These robust growers offer a continuous supply of fresh berries from June through October, enriching your meals and snacks all season long. What's more, these plants naturally multiply each year, promising an even larger harvest as seasons pass. Thriving in full sun, they are a fruitful addition to any garden.

Not only are these strawberry plants productive, but they also serve beautifully as a lush groundcover or an ornamental border. Their decorative appeal adds charm to your outdoor spaces, making them both a delight to the eyes and the palate. Easy to care for, these strawberries provide the perfect blend of utility and low-maintenance gardening, ensuring a delightful and carefree gardening experience.

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