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Mixed Double Freesia - 25 bulbs

Mixed Double Freesia - 25 bulbs

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Immerse yourself in the magic of our Mixed Double Freesia bulbs, a garden favorite renowned for their elegance and vibrant splendor. These bulbs epitomize the essence of spring, adding a sophisticated flair to any garden. Envision these plants reaching up to 2 feet high, each adorned with a plethora of bright, tubular flowers. The blooms are doubly enchanting, with each flower boasting double the petals for an enhanced visual appeal. As they bloom throughout spring, they weave a vivid, dynamic tapestry in your garden, with colors so intense they seem to shimmer in the sunlight.

The charm of the Mixed Double Freesias isn't just in their visual beauty, but also in their captivating fragrance that permeates the air, creating an ambience of sweet, lasting memories. This delightful aroma not only enchants people but also attracts hummingbirds, adding a lively dimension to your garden. These freesias are straightforward to plant and cultivate, offering more than mere aesthetics; they are a celebration of nature's magnificence. Add the Mixed Double Freesias to your garden for an extraordinary fusion of color, fragrance, and grace, and let every day be a remarkable garden experience.


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