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Red Freesia - 25 bulbs

Red Freesia - 25 bulbs

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Introduce a wave of fiery scarlet to your garden with our premium Red Freesia bulbs, a symbol of passion and vibrancy. Each bulb springs to life with elegant, trumpet-shaped flowers, exuding a sweet, citrusy scent that turns any area into a fragrant oasis. Ideal for garden borders, containers, or as stunning cut flowers for indoor enjoyment, these Red Freesias are versatile additions that blend seamlessly into your garden's story. Easy to plant and a joy to watch as they flourish in well-drained soil and sunny spots, these bulbs promise a striking display from mid to late summer. Your garden will transform into a vibrant canvas of red, attracting both admirers and pollinators. The Red Freesias offer more than just beauty; they create an immersive experience, inviting you to immerse your outdoor spaces in nature's most passionate colors. Add these to your cart and let your garden tell a vivid tale of red, where each view is captivating and every fragrance a lasting impression.

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