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Star of Fire Astrantia - 3 root divisions

Star of Fire Astrantia - 3 root divisions

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Ignite a fiery spectacle in your garden with the Star of Fire Astrantia. Each root division blossoms into a stunning display of burgundy-red and white flowers, creating a dramatic and eye-catching contrast. The unique allure of these blooms lies in their transformative beauty; as they dry, watch in wonder as their colors morph, offering an ever-evolving spectacle in your garden and making them an exceptional choice for pressed flower projects.

But the Star of Fire's brilliance extends beyond its visual appeal. These Astrantias are not just flowers, but guardians of the garden, attracting and supporting a myriad of pollinators. Their bold and enduring coloration remains vibrant from the first bloom to the last, making them an unmissable addition for gardeners who seek to create a dynamic, pollinator-friendly space. Embrace the fiery spirit of the Star of Fire Astrantia and let it become the beacon of your garden, dazzling onlookers and nurturing nature alike.

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