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White Flame Compact Phlox - 3 root divisions

White Flame Compact Phlox - 3 root divisions

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Infuse your garden with a touch of ethereal elegance with the White Flame Compact Phlox. This summer and early fall, witness a celestial display as these immaculate blooms unfurl in pristine white, evoking a sense of peace and purity. Reaching up to 18 inches in height, the Compact Phlox White Flame stands as a testament to graceful beauty, with each plant offering a serene visual retreat. Imagine a garden where these angelic flowers sway gently in the breeze, creating a soothing, monochromatic landscape that's both calming and captivating.

Cultivating these heavenly blooms is a joy, as they flourish under the nurturing balance of full sun and partial shade. Finding the perfect spot in your garden for these root divisions becomes an exercise in creative gardening, as you envision and craft the ideal backdrop for their divine beauty. Plant in groups of three for a striking effect, transforming any garden space into a spectacular summer showcase. Embrace the White Flame Compact Phlox for a garden that's not just a space, but a sanctuary of tranquil white splendor."

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