Camp Cavell Flower Sale

Camp Cavell, is a haven for generations of children to discover adventure, build friendships, and connect with nature.

From humble beginnings almost 100 years ago, Camp Cavell has blossomed into a 55-acre wonderland. But Camp Cavell is more than just bricks and mortar. It's the echo of laughter around campfires, the thrill of kayaking across crystal-clear waters, and the sense of accomplishment after mastering a new skill. The lifelong friendships forged under the starry sky and the memories warm hearts for years to come.

As we enter a new era, the spirit of Camp Cavell burns brighter than ever. The Camp Cavell Conservancy, fueled by passion and commitment, ensures the camp's legacy lives on. By purchasing from this catalog, you too are contributing to the legacy going into the next 100 years.

Camp Cavell Conservancy

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$5,000.00 Goal

Sale ends on May 15, 2024
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