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Holiday Paperwhites in a Red Pot

Holiday Paperwhites in a Red Pot

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Experience the delicate beauty of 5 frilly and fragrant paperwhites, which bloom in just 4-6 weeks. Our pre-planted 6" pot paperwhite gift comes complete with a cranberry colored spring pot cover.

These paperwhites are the perfect addition to any home, and they make a beautiful gift for any occasion. They are easy to care for, and they will fill your home with their delicious fragrance.

These paperwhites are a great choice for anyone who loves the beauty of flowers. They are also a great way to bring some springtime cheer into your home. Order your paperwhites today and enjoy the beauty of these delicate flowers.


  • 5 Frilly and Fragrant paperwhites
  • 6" pot
  • Cranberry colored spring pot cover
  • Easy to care for
  • Delicious fragrance
  • Perfect for any home
  • Beautiful gift for any occasion
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