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Candy Club Multiflowering Tulip - 10 bulbs

Candy Club Multiflowering Tulip - 10 bulbs

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Immerse yourself in the delicate beauty of the Candy Club Multiflowering Tulip, a variety that epitomizes spring's gentle charm. Each bloom, spanning a generous 3 inches, presents a dazzling display of glistening yellow petals. Blooming from April to May, these tulips are borne on long, sturdy 20-inch stems, creating a captivating visual display that seems to dance with the breeze.

Not only do these tulips make a stunning addition to your garden, but they also transform into breathtaking bouquets. The flower's delicate coloring and intricate details are particularly enchanting when viewed up close in a vase, where they can be fully appreciated. Whether gracing your outdoor space or adding a touch of natural beauty to your indoor environment, the Candy Club Multiflowering Tulip is a testament to the simple pleasures of gardening and the joy of bringing nature's artistry into your home.

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