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Colorfest Collection -80 bulbs

Colorfest Collection -80 bulbs

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Transform your garden into a vibrant spectacle of colors with our premium 80-bulb collection. Designed to thrive in full sun, this assortment features a delightful mix of 35 Oxalis, 15 Anemone Blanda, 10 Freesia, and 20 Ixia. Ranging in height from 3 to 18 inches, these plants bloom profusely from May through July, creating a dynamic display of pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, whites, blues, and purples.

Ideal for any sunny garden spot, this collection promises to offer months of lively, bright flowers. Whether you are crafting a new flower bed or enhancing an existing garden space, these bulbs are perfect for adding long-lasting beauty and color to your outdoor sanctuary.

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