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Combo: Hanging Cherry Tomato/Strawberry Kit - 2 kits

Combo: Hanging Cherry Tomato/Strawberry Kit - 2 kits

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Transform any sunny wall or fence into a lush, vertical garden with our innovative Babylon Bags. This space-saving solution is perfect for those without traditional garden space, allowing you to grow cherry tomatoes and fresh strawberries effortlessly. The kit includes two durable, 8-1/2” by 21-1/2” reusable poly bags equipped with nylon hanging ropes, making setup a breeze. Throughout the summer, the hanging foliage not only serves as a vibrant green decor but also promises a delicious harvest.

Included in the kit are a packet of cherry tomato seeds, 10 robust strawberry plants, and complete planting and care instructions to ensure your success. Ideal for full sun exposures, the Babylon Bags let you enjoy the pleasures of gardening and the taste of sun-ripened, home-grown fruits right from your balcony or patio. Whether for salads or snacking, the fresh produce from your vertical garden will be a delightful treat.

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