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Eversweet Everbearer Strawberry - 10 root divisions

Eversweet Everbearer Strawberry - 10 root divisions

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Savor the continuous bounty of the Eversweet Everbearer Strawberry, a variety that epitomizes its name by bearing fruit throughout spring, summer, and fall. Exceptionally heat-tolerant, these strawberries thrive even in temperatures above 90 degrees, guaranteeing an unbroken supply of sweet, juicy berries in the heat of summer. Famed for their exquisite flavor, Eversweet strawberries offer versatility in cultivation, flourishing in both traditional gardens and as eye-catching additions to hanging baskets. This adaptable variety yields impressive results nationwide, making it a dependable choice for gardeners in various climates. For an all-season strawberry harvest, consider pairing Eversweet with Junebearers. Encourage robust growth and future bounties by pinching off blooms in the first year, allowing the plant to concentrate on developing a strong root system and foliage. Introduce the Eversweet Everbearer Strawberries to your garden and indulge in the delight of freshly picked, sun-ripened berries, season after season.


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