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Hanging Strawberry Kit - 1 Kit

Hanging Strawberry Kit - 1 Kit

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Enhance your garden with both charm and flavor with our strawberry hanging kit, a delightful blend of utility and beauty. This kit includes 10 bareroot strawberry plants ready to provide a bounty of sweet, sun-ripened berries. Also included is a poly bag with pre-made holes for easy planting and a sturdy nylon rope for hanging, ensuring you can start your vertical garden instantly. Perfect for full sun areas, these strawberries will thrive and become a fetching garden accent.

Not only will these strawberries serve as an attractive green addition to your space, but they will also produce delicious, fresh berries to enjoy throughout the growing season. This hanging strawberry kit is ideal for those with limited garden space or for anyone looking to add a bit of edible décor to patios, porches, or balconies. Decorative and productive, this kit provides an enchanting and fruitful gardening experience.

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