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Mixed Freesia - 15 bulbs

Mixed Freesia - 15 bulbs

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Elevate your garden with the timeless charm of hybrid freesia, long celebrated as a cut-flower favorite. These vibrant plants grow up to 16 inches tall and are perfect for a spring to early summer bloom. Adorned with brightly colored, tubular flowers, they attract hummingbirds with their vivid display and are a delightful presence in any garden setting. These freesias thrive in full sun, ensuring robust growth and a profusion of blooms.

Not only do these plants add a splash of color to your outdoor spaces, but they also bring an enchanting fragrance to your garden. The delicious scent of freesia flowers makes them ideal for indoor arrangements as well, filling any room with their delightful perfume. Whether planted in beds, borders, or containers, these freesias are a stunning and aromatic addition to your gardening endeavors.

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