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Mixed Freesia - 25 bulbs

Mixed Freesia - 25 bulbs

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Bring your garden to life with our Mixed Freesia bulbs, a top pick for both passionate gardeners and flower enthusiasts. These hybrid freesias, long cherished as cut-flower favorites, paint your spring garden with a spectrum of colors. Visualize stalks soaring up to 24 inches high, each one presenting a stunning display of tubular flowers in an array of vibrant hues. More than just a visual feast, these blossoms also attract hummingbirds, creating a dynamic, fluttering haven in your garden.

The true allure of these Mixed Freesias lies in their enchanting fragrance, a sweet and potent aroma that enriches every garden walk. These freesias are not only easy to cultivate but also flourish in sunny areas, adorning your garden with their beauty from spring to early summer. Imagine a garden that transcends visual appeal, offering a sensory journey with blooms that weave a story of vivid colors, animated life, and captivating charm. Add the Mixed Freesia bulbs to your garden for an aromatic adventure, where each flower contributes to the symphony of your garden’s splendor.


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