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Mixed Hardy Gladiolus - 15 bulbs

Mixed Hardy Gladiolus - 15 bulbs

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Welcome the radiance of early summer into your garden with our Mixed Hardy Gladiolus collection, a stunning array of colors and shapes designed to turn your garden into a breathtaking canvas of floral art. Despite their modest height of 12-24 inches, these compact plants make a significant impact, with each bulb unfurling into loose spikes adorned with 5-8 vibrant florets. This dazzling display epitomizes the spirit of summer, with each floret adding to a tapestry of rich hues and captivating allure.

Beyond their visual appeal, these gladiolus varieties are celebrated for their exceptional flower form and lasting beauty, making them favorites for both florists and garden lovers. Perfect for garden beds or as cut flowers for indoor displays, they retain their stunning charm in any setting, embodying summer's warmth. These hardy, low-maintenance bulbs promise a spectacular floral spectacle year after year, offering immense reward with minimal effort. Add the Mixed Hardy Gladiolus to your garden this season for a display of enduring beauty and vibrant vitality, indoors and out.

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