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Purple de Oro Reblooming Daylily - 3 root divisions

Purple de Oro Reblooming Daylily - 3 root divisions

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The Purple d'Oro Daylily, an award-winning dwarf variety, may stand at just 18 inches tall but its vibrant colors make an unmistakable impact in both gardens and containers. This plant boasts deep magenta-purple, trumpet-shaped flowers that emerge early in summer, refreshing themselves for weeks on end, then reappear later in the season for a second show. The flowers' thick, velvety petals are delicately ruffled and gently recurve, elegantly framing a striking greenish-gold throat.

Perfect for creating effortless sweeps of color in the front of perennial borders or along walkways, the Purple d'Oro Daylily allows you to appreciate its unique color combination from up close. Its neat, compact form also makes it an excellent choice for container planting, adding movable splashes of color to decks and porches.

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