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Ziva Jumbo Paperwhites - 10 bulbs

Ziva Jumbo Paperwhites - 10 bulbs

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Transform your indoor spaces into a fragrant oasis this winter with our Jumbo Ziva Paperwhite bulbs. Renowned for their effortless cultivation and abundant blossoming, these bulbs are a perfect choice for both seasoned gardeners and green thumbs in the making. Picture your home infused with their intoxicating aroma, as clusters of pristine white blooms emerge in just 4 to 6 weeks, offering a serene and uplifting ambiance. Ideal for brightening shorter days, these Paperwhites promise a bountiful and aromatic display, effortlessly bringing the charm of spring indoors during the chilly winter months.

Invite the magic of these splendid blooms into your home and experience the joy of gardening, simplified. Our Jumbo Ziva Paperwhites are not just plants; they're a journey to a sensorial paradise, right in your living room. With their minimal care needs and guaranteed show of flowers, they're the perfect antidote to winter's gloom. So, why wait? Add these fragrant wonders to your cart today and embark on an enchanting floral adventure, bringing life and beauty to your indoor garden space.

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